Reasons to feed the birds in winter 🦜

With the weather turning cold, the garden birds will seek to find shelter but it's not unusual for the birds to be seen flying around in the cold, windy weather conditions. Birds are pretty tough and can adapt to most weather conditions, however, we still recommend keeping your feeders topped up. Here are some reasons why.


Peckish Winter Warmer


 At this time of the year, life can be tough for smaller birds. They need more energy as natural food sources are sparse, the ground is harder so it's more difficult for birds to dig for worms and other insects hibernate.

Bird tables and baths may freeze over, so it's best to check daily that they have access to fresh, clean water.

When birds have access to more nutrient rich foods during the winter months they are healthier weights when it gets to spring, making mating season more successful.

The best types of food to have on offer throughout winter are:

The foods are rich in the necessary protein, carbohydrates and unsalted fats to help our feathered friends get through the cold winter.