The Big Garden Bird Watch 2024

How to take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch


Taking part is as easy:

1. Watch the birds in your garden or while out and about. 

2. Count how many of each species of bird lands on your patch.

3. Go online and tell us what you saw.

Where should you put your feeders or tables?

We always advise that you site your feeders somewhere you can see them, even from indoors if this is possible so you can really benefit from it. We even sell some great window feeders.

The main things to consider when adding a bird feeder your garden are:

  • Place in a a quiet place, where birds won't be disturbed by predators. 
  • Not too close to bushes where cats could hide in and wait, but close enough       to cover that birds can easily dart to and from.
  • Sheltered from harsh wind and rain.

    What do birds eat?

    Blackbirds love to feed on the ground and forage for food. Mealworms and black soldier fly larvae a great option as they love insects. Fatty foods like suet pellets or balls would be great in a ground feeder. 
    Most members of the tit family will prefer to use a feeder. You can add peanuts, some yummy seeds as well as high energy suet.  Tit
    The finch family will prefer to use a feeder with a perch, a firm favourite will be sunflower hearts. Goldfinches also love nyjer seeds Finches
    Nuthatches love to eat peanuts and sunflower seeds and will eat from a feeder or bird table.  Nuthatch
    Robins & Wrens will also like to forage for worms, so a ground feeder with mealworms or black soldier flies, or both will be ideal. They will also have a nibble at any fatty foods you have in your feeders. Robin & Wrens
    Woodpeckers will love anything packed with energy, from fatty suet's to peanuts to sunflower seeds. Pop them in a feeder or bird table.  Woodpecker


    Don't forget to add water, as birds do like to drink too, especially if you are offering suet's and butters. We have a range of water feeders but you can also use plant pots, a dinner plate or bowl. But remember to put them out daily and wash them regularly. 


    Lastly, please don't forget to tag us if you take any pictures this weekend! 

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