⚠️ 21/02/2022 Flood Update

*** Update 22/02/2022
Unfortunately half of our DPD packages could not be collected yesterday.
Despite our best efforts, there was simply just not enough room on the van.
These will be picked up this morning and should be with you on Wednesday.
Apologies for any inconvenience. 
After a tense Sunday evening watching our CCTV, we were extremely lucky to avoid serious damage from storm Franklin (by the skin of our teeth).
After wading into work at 6 am morning, we managed to clean up as best as we could and fulfil all the weekend orders ready for collection.
As you can see from the wet walls - the water level was ridiculously high!
As of 12.15pm the main access road to the site remains blocked, but water is currently being pumped out. 
We will do our upmost best to not to disappoint our customers and find an alternative way to get your orders out.
(we hear our local Lidl may have inflatable boats in the middle isle😂

We would really appreciate your patience if this is not achievable today, but rest assured we are working hard not to let this happen.

Thank you so much for your custom - all from Team Chubby.
On a side note, I must say how impressed we are that our bargain twin arm dining station is still standing!!... Granted it's a little batted an bruised, but I'm not sure how many feeders at this price could cope being half submerged with gusts of over 50mph pelting at it!