Caring for Birds & Wildlife in Extreme Weather

Water should be offered to birds all year round, however, in dry summer months and with the extreme weather predictions for the next few days, its even more important to offer birds water to hydrate and keep cool. 

Unlike us humans, birds lack the ability to sweat, meaning they have developed their own, fascinating mechanisms to keep cool during the arduous conditions. Birds need fresh water to drink – but also to bathe in. Taking a dip in water and shaking the drops through their feathers doesn’t only help to keep their feathers clean, but also cools them down.

You may think that their need for water is met elsewhere, particularly if you live near a river or lake, but these don't always work for smaller birds. Providing a bird bath is another great way of attracting all kind of birds to your garden. 

There is no harm in feeding birds tap water, however if you do not feel this is safe then bottles or filtered tap water if also great. 

Another way to get your garden birds through the heatwave is putting out supplementary food as the hot weather may mean natural supplies, like worms, become scarce. We all know that in the winter time we need to feed birds but it’s important throughout the summer too.



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