Have Fun Outside for National Children’s Gardening Week

Summer is approaching, which means nicer weather for spending time in the garden to tend to our plants. And gardening doesn’t only have to be for adults, as it is also a beneficial experience for children. Gardening is an enjoyable way for them to understand the beauty of nature, while also showing them how to appreciate wildlife.


To celebrate National Children’s Gardening Week, we recommend building a homemade bottle bird feeder as a fun craft to get children outdoors. The excitement of getting birds in the garden can encourage kids to take an interest in the natural world. They will also learn about the different species that fly in the garden, which will teach them patience as they wait for birds to flock to their DIY feeder. Providing fun activities in the garden is also an exciting way to get children out for their own health.


All the materials you will need to build the bird feeder can be found around the house, and children will get their creative juices flowing as they can even decorate the feeder.


Check out Sainsbury’s Bank Guide below for step-by-step instructions on making a homemade bottle bird feeder.