The Newbies Guide to Entomophagy

We've all seen I'm a Celebrity and been equally horrified and disgusted by the Celebs tucking into a range of squelchy puss ridden grubs whilst locked in an underground hole. It is debatable if the ITV entertainment program has had a positive or negative effect on the insect-eating movement but in all fairness..... it has got people talking! 


Entomophagy - what is it? 

Entomophagy is the eating of insects. It is estimated that up to a quatre of the world's population practice this, however, the western world continues to be slightly dubious about the practice of eating insects. 

Packed full of protein, insects are nutritious and tasty and a great way to boost your intake of nutrients. As a nation, we Brits are obsessed with the next Superfoods and health benefits of our food, dried insects are set to be the next big thing in boosting protein in our diet.

Environmental impact 

We are all aware of the issues we humans are having on the environment, from global warming to the ongoing pollution we are creating. As the population of the planet increases at an alarming rate, one of the next big problems that face the planet is going to be sustaining our population. Traditional sources of protein from meat to dairy have an incredibly negative impact on the emission of greenhouse gases and looking to the future. This is not sustainable.  The 2014 documentary Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret highlights how farming is decimating the planet's natural resources. Farming insects have a high feed conversion efficiency, meaning they convert feed to protein more efficiently than livestock animals.

How to eat them?

Dried insects make great food for snacking on. As you would with some nuts and pulses. Another idea is to add them to food as a topper to a salad or soup. 

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If you have an allergy to seafood its likely that you may too be sensitive to insects. Insects and crustaceans are both arthropods (due to their exoskeleton) it is the proteins and carbohydrates that cause the allergy.