Chubby Mealworms UK Has Arrived!

Chubby Mealworms UK Has Arrived!


Chubby Mealworms are the #1 brand of dried mealworms in North America and after a lot of hard work we are so happy to be able to officially launch the Chubby Mealworms UK site.


Chubby Mealworms UK has taken over our older Mealworms-Online website and brand so that we can provide you with better packaging, offers and customer service. The new site as with anything new may take some customers a while to get used to but we are sure it will be worth it in the long run! We have lots of exciting things planned for the next few months with our aim to be the #1 brand of dried mealworms in the UK and Europe!

We would love to know your thoughts on the new site so why not let us know or join us on Facebook.

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Always use Chubby Mealworms, excellent service and product

Meal Worm

Good value for money and swift delivery.


Our order was completed quickly and the hedgehogs love the product.


Order arrived promptly, thanks

Superb quality and service

Birds go chirruping mad for these Chubby mealworms and the fat balls too! I always moisten the mealworms for our birds in spring and summer when they have young. With the fat balls, I use a fat ball holder but I also put several in a bag and pop them on top of a radiator and when they’ve warmed through they’re then soft enough to crumble and scatter on the ground. All the birds get a look in then and everything is munched so there’s positively no waste - ever!