5 Litres Chubby Dried Mealworms

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5 Litres Chubby Dried Mealworms

Our Dried Mealworms are 100% natural, packed full of protein, vitamins and high-grade edible oils. You will find our high quality, high energy treat will be a welcome addition to your pet's diet. A whole variety of animals love the natural goodness that is Chubby Mealworms including wild birds, reptiles, fish, budgies, sugar gliders and many more. Although you can buy live mealworms, dried mealworms are just as good with the added benefit of easy and long-lasting storage. Dried Mealworms are also a lot better for anyone that is squeamish! 

Chubby Mealworms can be added to any of our bird tables or mealworm feeders

Why Chubby?

Here at Chubby Mealworms, we work closely with our trusted suppliers to ensure that our dried mealworms are of the highest quality. As a team, our aim is to provide 100% customer satisfaction which is why we are the number one supplier of dried mealworms. 

Typical Analysis

Protein 53%, Fat 28%, Fiber 6%, Moisture 5%


5 Litres of Dried Mealworms come packed in a large tough plastic tub with a resealable plastic lid. This makes storing the mealworms a breeze and keeps them fresh for as long as possible. There are approximately 800g of mealworms within the 5 Litre tub. Please note that the actual weight can vary due to the moisture content of the mealworms however you always receive a volume of 5 Litres.

Remember that the bigger the pack of dried mealworms you purchase the cheaper the price per Kg becomes. 

Do you regularly buy our tubs? Why not try our Recycle Rewards program, where you can return them in bulk for a voucher off your next order with us!