Recycle Rewards

Lets try and win the war on waste, there are lots of changes that can be made in day to day life to make us all more sustainable. All of us at Chubby Mealworms are passionate about doing our bit to try and save the planet!
Here are a few small changes we have made so far:
  • Shipping our tubs out in boxes rather than plastic bags.
  • Switching to recycled parcel tape.
  • We use recycled boxes to ship your orders, which is why you will often see your order in a chocolate, sweetie or chicken nuggets box. (Unfortunately, we don't get to sample any of the original contents!)
  • We are slowly making the switch to compostable bags for all our Chubby products made in the UK.
We are thrilled to introduce our new Recycle Rewards Program. For now, this will only be for our 5 Litre Tubs of mealworms but we will eventually make this available for all our tubs. 
How it Works
5 tubs will earn you a £4 gift card.
10 tubs will earn you a £10 gift card.
  • The tubs need to be our own Chubby brand.
  • Please ensure they are clean and in a saleable condition. 
  • All lids must fit the tubs and must not be damaged.
Make sure the tubs are well packaged, ready to return to us. Please make a note of your full name and email address, so we know where to send the gift card :)
Once ready to return - please contact us and we will email you a pre-paid Royal Mail returns label.