Chubby Air Freshener - OCEAN FRESH

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Our Exclusive limited edition Chubby Air Freshener is here!
Scented with 'OCEAN FRESH' so you can reminisce those special moments from Blackpool (or your favourite seaside town) from the comfort of your own vehicle.
These are very limited in numbers, so snap them up whilst you can!

Long lasting scent to help mitigate any stink and keep your vehicle's interior from offending the noses of your passengers.

How to Use:

  • Open the top of the bag. Pull the product out about 1cm. Each week pull it out another 1cm. (scent lasts longer this way)
  • Expose the Chubby more or less to adjust strength. Hang freely! Keep off any surfaces.
  • For an intense scent - take directly out of the packet (this will last approximately 5-7 days)