Vegetable Spirulina Flakes Fish Food 100g

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Chubby Spirulina Flake food is a premium food for everyday feeding.

Colour enhancing flakes with spirulina, selected vegetables, a health enhancer.

Consists of five different types of flakes, with high Spirulina content.

Aids digestion and metabolism thanks to active substances from the algae & vegetables.

High vitamin content improves immune system and helps fight disease.

Spirulina tablets are perfect for multi-species tanks.

Does not cloud water.

Packed in a 100% compostable, resealable bag, to keep them fresher for longer.


Crude protein: 40%

Crude fat: 8%

Crude fibre: 2%

Crude ash: 7%


Vitamin A: 25 000 lu/kg

Vitamin D3: 1 500 lu/kg

Vitamin E: 100 mg/kg

Vitamin C: 300 mg/kg