Singing Friend Tara 100% Recycled Seed & Pellet Feeder with Glass Bottle

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Convenience is very important to people. And in this case the same goes for birds. The Tara feeds birds in a practical way, and is very multifunctional. The suet balls will fit inside perfectly, and with the included glass bottle you can simply transform this product into a sunflower seeds, peanut or bird seeds dispenser. And she does all that without a negative impact on planet earth, seeing as Tara is fully made of recycled materials � the insides of old drinks cartons.

It�s ideal to attach Tara to a rope, so you can playfully hang her in a tree. Furthermore, she is suitable for fat balls, suet pellets, peanuts and other kinds of bird seed.

Product Info

Made of 100% recycled materials

Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 25 cm

Weight: 450g