RSPB Suet Gift Box

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Suet may seem an odd present to give to someone but the birds will absolutely love you for it! This beautifully-presented box crammed with some of our bestselling, top quality suet products makes a lovely, thoughtful gift.

We've used our expertise over the years to craft some of the finest suet products available. Our Super suet recipe is high in fat and protein content, meaning it's great for birds at all times of the year. Whether they are using up valuable energy feeding their young in springtime or struggling to survive the colder months, providing suet in your garden can make all the difference to our feathered friends.

This gift box would be appreciated by experienced feeders of birds and novices alike. It contains a range of foods which can be put out without the need for specialist feeders or any equipment. Our Super suet balls and Super suet cakes can be crumbled up and put onto a bird table or the ground (although suet ball or suet cake feeders are also a option). Buggy nibbles can equally be sprinkled on the ground (or put into a nut and nibble feeder if you have one). Our Coconut shell treats come with a string loop so they can be hung from a tree branch, fence post or feeding station.

If you're looking for inspiration on how to create a lovely food and feeder bundle, you could try adding our Dual suet feeder, Classic easy-clean suet ball feeder and our Classic easy-clean nut and nibble feeder as well.

Suet gift box contains:
2 x RSPB Super suet balls 6 pack, mealworm flavour
2 x RSPB Buggy nibbles 550g
1 x RSPB Super suet coconut treat original flavour
1 x RSPB Super suet coconut treat buggy flavour
1 x RSPB Super suet cake triple pack mealworm flavour

All our Super suet is made in the UK from top quality ingredients. The gift box is fully recyclable.