Peckish Extra Goodness Balls Filled Feeder 210g

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Our Peckish Extra Goodness Energy Balls Filled Feeder contains our highest nutritional suet ball with more protein, and more fat than any other Peckish energy ball, sure to give the birds a tasty meal.

Packed with high energy sunflower seeds and peanuts, the added peanut aroma will certainly get them interested. These suet balls have no extra added wheat to bulk up the product and contain no calcium carbonate as a filler making these our best energy balls.

Our ready to use feeder is ideal with little preparation required, simply hang on a tree or feeding station.


  • High in fat
  • Use in Autumn and Winter
  • Pre-filled, Refill and reuse
  • Recyclable Feeder
  • No Mess Suet