Out & About Kids Full Range Wildlife Food 1L Tubs & Activity Leaflet

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The Chubby Out 'n' About range has been created to encourage children to put their gadgets down and get back to nature.
This pack contains feed ideal for your back garden, local park, woodland and on the water.
4x 1 litre tubs, which make them easy to store at home, and great for little hands to carry while Out 'n' About.
Plus a Free activity leaflet with puzzles for children ages 3-7

The full range includes:

1 Litre Duck & Goose Pellets

A complete diet for adult waterfowl containing Orego-stim, 100% Natural Oregano Oil.

Encourages feed intakes & healthy growth rate.

Supports digestive health and aids nutrient absorption.

Maintains drier droppings � Cleaner eggs.

Supports birds under stress & through environmental challenges.


Wheat, Hipro Soya Bean Extract (GM*2), Wheatfeed, Calcium Carbonate, Blended Vegetable Oil (GM* 2), Mono Calcium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride.

1 Litre Forrest Feast Squirrel Mix

Chubby Forest Feast is a brand new mix specifically designed with squirrels and wildlife in mind. Ideal for any foraging animal but squirrels will love the variety of nuts and seeds and larger birds such as woodpeckers and jays will love the sunflower seeds and the challenge of cracking the nuts!

This nutty mix is packed full of protein and is ideal for year-round feeding, giving squirrels the energy boost they need, especially in Spring and Autumn. We don't add any fillers or powders, our Forest Feast Mix only contains natural ingredients and is free from any additives and preservatives.


Wheat, Barley, Maize, Sunflower, Peanuts, Naked Oats, Nuts in Shells

1 Litre Peanuts in Shells

Chubby Monkey Nuts are an excellent option for birds that like to work for their food such as tits. These shelled peanuts are high in oil, and offer a great energy value as well as being a valuable food source for wild birds.

Monkey nuts are a great way to encourage wild birds to naturally forage for their food. The species of wild birds in particular that enjoy the challenge of breaking the shell of monkey nuts are Jackdaws, Magpies and Crows. Blue tits have also been known to chip away at the shell of a monkey nut!

Nuts are very palatable for most parrots. Some parrots, such as the Macaws, thrive on high-fat nuts and seeds, and will take great pleasure from extricating monkey nuts from their soft shells. Other species can pile on the fat, though, and may even develop liver problems if there are too many nuts in their diet.

1 Litre Select Bird Seed

Chubby Select Wild Bird is an appealing bird food mix for many common garden birds, with the consistent formulation it is a great choice for feeding garden visitors.

Easy to use in either a hanging feeder, ground feeder, or on tables.


Wheat, Kibbled Maize, Black Sunflower Seeds, Red Dari, White Dari, Yellow Millet, Safflower Seed, Red Millet and Oil.