Peckish Complete Suet Cake 8 Pack

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Peckish Complete Blocks are packed full of energy. Containing 12 different seeds and nuts, this suet cake will attract a wide range of popular garden birds.

All seeds have had their husks removed, therefore there is no waste or mess left behind in the garden.

The high-performance suet cakes fuel birds for longer, and provide all year round nourishment to keep your garden birds coming back for more.

Enriched with our unique blend of vitamins and nutrients that garden birds need to stay healthy.

Calvita includes:

Carotenoids to develop feather colour and protect from sunlight damage.

Calcium to promote bone & feather growth and is essential for egg production.

Vitamins A, D, E & Biotin strengthens beaks & bone and helps with growth & reproduction.


Ground Wheat, Wheat Flour, Beef Tallow, Calcium Carbonate, Red Dari, Kibbled Maize, Red Millet, Kibbled Sunflower Hearts, Flaked Naked Oats, Naked Oats, Safflower Seed, Pinhead Oatmeal, White Millet, Kibbled Peanuts, Oyster Shell Grit