Honeyfield's Berry Suet Pellets - 550g

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Suet pellets are a great way to attract birds to your garden. This nutritious food is especially useful during cold winter months and breeding seasons thanks to its high-fat content. These suet pellets can be fed with a feeder or scattered for station or ground feeding.

Features and Benefits

Provide nutrient-rich food for the wild birds in your garden to keep them well-fed and healthy

Encourage birds to return to your garden year after year by providing a reliable source of food

Make sure birds can access nourishing food during cold winter months when natural food sources are scarce

Composition: Cereals, Oils & Fats (inc Ruminant Tallow), Various Sugars, Ground Peanuts

Additives: Colourants and flavourings: fruity flavouring. Preservatives.

Hints and Tips

Encourage birds to visit your garden and keep them healthy by feeding them all year round

The RSPB recommends year-round feeding; in Autumn / Winter when food is scarce and in Spring / Summer when parents need a plentiful supply to nurture their young.

Check your feeder twice a day if you can, once in the morning and once again in the afternoon. Most feeders will need refilling at least every other day.

Make water available year-round for birds to drink and bathe, ensuring it doesn't freeze over in Winter.

Hygiene is important. Prevent bacteria build-up by cleaning feeders and feeding areas.