FIPROtec Combo Large Dog - 268mg

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BEAPHAR Spot On Flea Tick Treatment

Fleas are all-too-common visitors to both cats and dogs. Contrary to many myths, they are equally at home in a clean house as a dirty one so you needn't be embarrassed to ask for help with controlling them.

Beaphar fiprotec� spot-on for cats & dogs is an effective and affordable veterinary strength medicine to control fleas and ticks on your cat.

Containing the well-known active ingredient fipronil, beaphar fiprotec� spot-on for cats & dogs effectively kills fleas and ticks at the time of treatment.

Suitable for cats and dogs from 8 weeks of age and weighing more than 1kg for cats and over 2kg for dogs.

Weigh your dog carefully before application to ensure you use the appropriate beaphar fiprotec spot-on.

Size guide: small dog 2-10kg, medium dog 10-20kg, large dog 20-40kg