Feldy 150 Golden Chicken Pecker Balls Fat Balls for Wild Birds

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Crafted With Passion

Our products are crafted using only the highest quality raw materials. These ingredients contain highly digestible proteins, cereals and cereal by-products, all with a high nutrient density.

As a result of using the best quality ingredients, combined with our passion and knowledge means that our bird food can help attract a wide diversity of wild bird species to your garden.

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Golden Yellow Colour

Feldy Golden Balls are made up to an individual weight of 100 grams which is as much as 20% heavier than cheaper Fat Balls so an important consideration when comparing so-called cheaper products.

Feldy also makes sure that the carefully chosen ingredients produce a golden yellow colour which will appeal to the bird’s colour recognition spectrum unlike the dull grey unappealing colour of other products.

Sight remains the one key recognition element which is superior to humans in both black & white and colour. Birds appear to have excellent recognition of white, yellow and orange hence why Feldy sought to produce a coloured Food Ball.

Research suggests that compared to humans the taste and smell potential of wild birds is virtually zero but there is some taste recognition but this is at a level of 50 – 500 sensitivity compared with humans at 10,000.

Please note it is common for up to 15% of the balls to be broken (this may also be worse in warmer months). This is due to the fragile nature of the product and due to transport. These are still fine to feed to your birds though! We cannot accept returns/refunds for this reason.