Fallen Fruits Wooden Squirrel Feeder FSC

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Fallen Fruits Wooden Squirrel Feeder

Squirrels are true acrobats in trees and shrubs, they particularly love to eat peanuts, monkey nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, and sunflower seeds.

This feeder is specifically designed for squirrels, it has an adjustable roof shutter and can be filled with both nuts and squirrel feed. Feeding squirrels is a good way to keep them away from nearby bird food!

Squirrels will take no time at all to figure out how to open the roof of the feeder to get to the food.

They will eat it on the spot or hide it in the garden to build up a stash for winter.


Keyhole mounting hook on the back

Can be opened through roof shutter for easy cleaning and refilling.

Fixtures not included.

Dimensions: L 12.6 x D 25.4 x H 18.9cm

Weight: 1.11kg