Fallen Fruits Triple Feeder for Seeds, Peanuts & Fat Balls

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The Fallen Fruits Bird Feeder features a sturdy hanging cord and 3 separate feed tubes which allows the offering of multiple feed types at the same time. Hang one of these feeders in your garden and enjoy the sight of colourful birds feeding on this attractive feeder. The roof can be removed for easy and quick filling. The roof has an overhang to keep food dry and features a lip for birds to feed safely, whilst also being able to easily view their surroundings. The seed and mealworm dispenser has 2 ports, allowing 2 birds to feed at the same time. The fat ball feeder will hold up to 6 suet balls at the same time. There is also a peanut dispenser. Features: Measurements: L 23 x D 23 x H 44cm Colour: Green Material: Powder-coated metal Removable roof 3 separate feed boxes Food not included.