Fallen Fruits Tall Sparrow House FSC Wood 50.5cm

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No garden can do without a nest box. This basic nesting box with pure materials will give sparrows a good place to nest and will help conserve their population or help their reintroduction in a certain area. It used to be unthinkable to hang a nesting box for sparrows. There were so many of them and they always found a place to stay. However, over the past few years, the sparrow population has decreased dramatically and modern housing construction has made finding a suitable nesting place more difficult. The sparrow flat has three apartments because sparrows enjoy each others company. This made-to-fit nesting box with zinc roof offers not only the House sparrow, but also the Eurasian tree sparrow, the Great tit and the Eurasian blue tit a good place to nest. During the winter time this birdhouse will often provide birds with a place to hide from the bad weather. The proper location to hang this birdhouse is a quiet and somewhat sheltered spot (aka not directly in the sun or on the rainside) with a free flight path for the bird. Autumn is the best time to clean the birdhouse. 32 mm (1.26) diameter entrance hole Features: 3 seperate nesting compartments Suitable for the House sparrow, Eurasian tree sparrow, Great tit, Eurasian blue tit Can be opened through side doors fixtures not included Dimensions: L 18.9 x D 17.8 x H 50.5cm Weight: 2.323 kg