Fallen Fruits Butterfly and Insect House 100% FSC

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This butterfly house shaped like a wigwam with keyhole opening offers butterflies a good place to nest. Two vertical openings in the front allow the butterflies easy access. In addition to being an excellent place to nest, this house also offers a nice place to shelter when it rains. It is advisable to fill the house with twigs, so that adult butterflies can rest better and have a place to hide. In addition, the twigs provide a place for caterpillars to pupate. Pupating is the process by which a caterpillar develops into a butterfly. Specific twigs are also used as a food source for caterpillars. Due to its flat back, the butterfly house is easy to place against the wall. Features: Keyhole opening Can be opened at the front Fittings not included Dimensions: L 14.3 x D 11.7 x H 20.2cm Weight: 42g