Fallen Fruits Bumble Bee House FSC

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It is becoming increasingly difficult for bees to find a suitable nesting place. This bumblebee nesting box is the perfect shelter and nesting box for these busy bees, which also fly out in bad weather to look for food.

The first compartment within serves as a separation hall in which bumblebees can set up defensive measures for the main nest compartment to the right in the nesting box.

The right, or main, compartment is where the queens will spend their entire lives. The location of the bumblebee house should be well considered. Put it on a brick. Do not place in direct sunlight.

Ideally the house will be warmed by the sun in the morning and covered in shade the rest of the day. Put some nesting material in the box, such as wool, pet hair, feathers or a bed of hay, while making sure the entrance hole remains clear.


Dimensions: L 29.1 x D 17 x H 15.3cm

Weight: 1.585kg

Material: Pinewood, Zinc.