Extra Select Premium Rabbit Food 12.5Kg

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What is Extra Select Premium Rabbit Mix?

Extra Select Premium Mix is a top-tier rabbit food, meticulously blended from the finest ingredients. It serves as a complementary feed and offers an array of vital vitamins and minerals to keep your rabbit healthy and in peak condition. Designed for rabbits of all ages, this mix is a go-to choice for a balanced and wholesome diet.

Why Rabbits Love It

It provides a balanced, palatable blend that satisfies both their taste buds and nutritional needs. The mix combines flavour and health, ensuring your rabbit stays in tip-top condition while enjoying each meal.

Handy Hints

  • Foraging Fun: Scatter food in different corners to encourage natural foraging
  • Fresh Veggies & Water: Provide daily fresh greens and always keep water available
  • High-Fibre Treats: Opt for high-fiber treats like hay or small carrot pieces.


Crude Protein 13%, Crude Fibres 8%, Crude Fats & Oils 3%, Crude Ash 7.5%, Calcium 5g, Phosphorous 4g


Concentrate Pellets (Oatfeed, Grassmeal, Extracted Sunflower, Barley, Wheatfeed, Peas, Vegetable Fat, Binder, Dicalcium, Phosphate, Limestone, Vitamin & Mineral Supplement, Salt), Wheat Extrusions, Flakes Barley, Flaked Peas, Flaked Maize, Locust Beans, Whole Oats, Grass, Grass, Soya Oil


An adult rabbit requires between 50 - 75g per day. Also feed with hay and fresh, suitable vegetables for a balanced diet. Always provide a supply of clean, fresh water for your rabbit.