Chubby Wild Bird Food Quarter Cut Whole Filled Coconut

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Our quarter cut, all natural coconut halves are made with a high energy suet that is smoothly poured into each shell to prevent the contents from falling out when hung. Unlike half coconuts, the quarter/full coconut�s lip enables an area for perching birds, allowing a greater variety of birds to feed.

Our coconuts are fully biodegradable and come complete with a strap made from natural fibres, meaning it can be hung as soon as you get it home on a tree branch or a bird station.

No feeder? No problem, coconuts are a great way to naturally feed the birds in your garden. They are great for year-round feeding but they are also a great source of high-energy foods to see birds through the colder months.

An added bonus is that these will attract a range of garden birds, they are particularly popular with Robins, Blackbirds and members of the tit family.


Wheat Flour, Beef Tallow, Kibbled Maize, Wheat, Calcium carbonate, Stripped sunflower Seeds, Red dari


501.67 kcal; 2087.50 kj, Protein 6.02%, Fat 32.27%, Fibre 8.52%, Ash 5.73%