Chubby Red Millet For Wild Birds 1kg

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Chubby Red Millet has two advantages over most other bird seeds. Millet seed is small which makes it easy for birds of all sizes to digest. Millet is also packed with a range of healthy nutrients such as complex B vitamins which birds need for healthy feathers and bones. Together, these two factors make Red Millet an appealing feed for both house and wild birds.

Red Millet is a year-round grass that grows in the UK and around the world. The seed is one of the most common forms of bird feed and will be found in pretty much all high-quality seed mixes.

Our red millet can either be used as a single straight feed or mixed in with other seeds to bulk out a seed mix.

Birds that will enjoy Chubby Red Millet include: Budgerigars, Finches, Canaries, Parrots, Parakeets, while some wild birds, such as House Sparrows and Tree Sparrows, enjoy Red Millet many more.