Chubby Corn On The Cob For Small Animals, Squirrels and Poultry 10Kg Bag

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Chubby Corn Cobs for Small Animals, Poultry and Wildlife

Please note this batch of corn is not our usual premium quality - hence the extremely-low price of £9.99

Chubby Corn Cobs are a fun way to treat your pet, small animals thrive when presented with new and interesting things in their environment. Corn on the cob has it all, a tasty treat for your furry friends and something fun for them to play with.

Great for enrichment, simply place or hide a Corn Cob in your animal's play space and let them investigate and nibble to their heart's content. Made from natural corn, these cobs come with a plastic-free hanging card, making these treats better for your animal and the planet.

Suitable for Guinea Pigs, Rats, Gerbils, Hamsters, and Mice, Poultry, Wild Bird, and Squirrels.


Fun treat.

Great for enrichment.

100% natural food.

This product may contain traces of Peanuts and Nuts. Suitable for weaned and adult animals.

Please note that the corn cobs are 100% natural and will vary in size and quality.