Box of 12 Sustainable Quarter Cut Coconuts - Made with insect oil

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Our quarter-cut, all-natural coconut halves are made with eco-friendly, high-protein, premium insect oil that is smoothly poured into each shell to prevent the contents from falling out when hung. Unlike half coconuts, the quarter/full coconut lip enables an area for perching birds, allowing a greater variety of birds to feed.

Our coconuts are fully biodegradable and come complete with a strap made from natural fibres, meaning they can be hung as soon as you get it home on a tree branch or a bird station.

Our Chubby half-filled coconut feeders are made up of high-protein insect oil, which is packed with lauric acid which is beneficial to bird health, including immune system health and inflammation reduction in birds.

No feeder? No problem, coconuts are a great way to naturally feed the birds in your garden. They are great for year-round feeding but they are also a great source of high-energy foods to see birds through the colder months.

An added bonus is that these will attract a range of garden birds, they are particularly popular with Robins, Blackbirds, and members of the tit family.


Cereals, Insect Oil & Seeds.


501.67 kcal; 2087.50 kj, Protein 6.02%, Fat 32.27%, Fibre 8.52%, Ash 5.73%