Battles Poultry House Disinfectant & Cleaner

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Keep your chicken house clean, safe and smelling fresh with a multi-purpose disinfectant, this 1l bottle will do just the trick. Convenient and ready to use this spray will clean surfaces easily and effectively.

It has a mild smell which means it will not taint eggs and you can continue to eat them safely.

Directions for use:

Simply spray over the exposed surfaces, work in with a soft brush or cloth, leave on for 5 minutes then rinse off with clean water.

When applying to the internal surfaces of the house, remove the birds and all of the bedding and organic matter before use.

Allow the internal surfaces of the poultry house to dry following use in order to provide the birds with a dry environment.


Wash your hands after each use.

Keep put of reach of children.

Use in a well ventelated area and avoid inhaling the mist.