10 x Chubby Dual Half Filled Coconut Feeder Twin Pack

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Twin Pack Chubby Half-Filled Coconuts - Seed Mix & Berry

Our all-natural coconut halves are made with a high-energy, premium mixture that is smoothly poured into each shell to prevent the contents from falling out when hung.

Our Chubby half-filled coconut feeders are filled with a premium quality suet recipe. Packed with raisins, rowan berries and a seed mix, this treat is sure to attract a wide range of birds to your garden.

Made with a natural coconut shell, this product is 100% biodegradable. Suitable for all garden birds, hang for year-round feeding. Chubby Coconuts are also essential throughout winter when birds need extra energy as this is lost whilst trying to stay warm. During spring, mothers will also use them to feed to their young for a protein boost.


Cereals, Suet, Raisins, Rowan Berries, Seeds, and Colouring.

What birds will suet logs attract?

Blackbirds, woodpeckers, robins, starlings, sparrows, the tit family and many more.