Premium Flakes for Tropical Fish 100g

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Quality chubby flakes mix for regular feeding of goldfish.

Designed to maintain a healthy immune system.

Improves digestion and encourages fish to spawn.

Excellent source of easily digestible protein.

The flakes perfect for all varieties of goldfish and koi fry.


Moisture: 8%

Protein: 35%

Crude fat: 5%

Crude Fiber: 2%

Ash: 5%

Energy: 3500kcal/kg

Calcium: 0.4%

Phosphor: 0.4%

Sodium: 0.25%

Manganese: 43mg/kg


Nutritional Value

Vitamins: unit min

Vitamin A: 22000IU/Kg

Vitamin D3: 1200IU/Kg

Vitamin B2: 2.5Mg/kg

Vitamin B12: 5Mg/kg

Vitamin E: 60Mg/kg

Vitamin K3: 0.5Mg/kg