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Supa Mealworm Feeder

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This versatile feeder is designed to cover all permutations associated with dispensing this popular food. It can be hung in the usual manner from a tree,washing line or hook. Also due to the design of the base, the feeder can be placed on a length of dowel driven into the ground. The scattering of mealworms on the large base tray acts as an intial attractant and subsequentley as a supplementry feeding station whilst also catering for those birds that prefer a flat feeding surface.

Size: 8" / 20cm 2 port feeder.

Customer Reviews

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Best bird feeder

This is the best bird feeder for mealworms or seeds due to the wide tray, which is easy to remove for cleaning.

Brilliant product. Bought for the

Brilliant product. Bought for the robins, other birds have enjoyed them also. Thanks.

Mealworm feeder

Excellent value.

Only thing slightly wrong the

Only thing slightly wrong the plate dose'nt lock it looks like the clips are to short I just some glue to hold it in place

Love the design but handle is a bit flimsy

The design of his feeder is exactly what I wanted. Good access for robins and tits and mealworms kept dry. The added bonus of the tray is great. Just a little concerned about the strength of the plastic the feeder is made from, especially the handle. Blackbirds love mealworms and if they can't perch near to current feeders to eat them they do flying passes which I fear may fairly soon break the handle