Did you know that Birds Molt too?

Just like that, the Summer is over and the Autumn leaves have begun to fall. The Garden birds have raised their young and they have flown the nest, we’ve helped them all year and watched them feast on an array of treats.


Although the harsh temperatures have not quite set in yet and there is fruit available on the trees the garden birds need you more than ever! With Winter just around the corner, Wild Birds are molting and preparing their bodies for winter

What to Feed the birds in Autumn

A bird's feather is similar to our hair, once it has grown it can not be repaired. It needs to be replaced. It takes a lot of energy to regrow feathers and this is where we can help. By leaving out high protein snacks as Dried Mealworms we can help the birds get the protein they need at this time of year. The Calcium from the Black Soldier fly larvae will be beneficial at this time of year too. 

The extra protein will help the garden birds recover from the molt faster which is essential with Winter fast approaching. 

Please ensure you leave your bird some freshwater out too! You may think that as the summer sun is a distant memory and we are having more precipitation, bird s still need a clean source of bathing and drinking water, especially if you are feeding dried mealworms. A raised birdbath is an ideal waterer to use and keep the birds safe from predators.

The migration is underway for many of our garden birds now and you may notice a few less feathered friends. It is a great idea to keep those high energy treats out for the birds to call in and

Ideal High Energy Food