Signature Loktop 2 Port Mealworm Feeder

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The Loktop Signature 2 Port Mealworm Feeder has a locking system that will help prevent crows, pigeons, squirrels and other clever creatures from stealing the food from under the beaks of little garden birds. The lid of the 'Loktop' can only be opened if the metal hanger is facing downwards on the same side as the lid hinge. There are two angled hoop perches for the little birds to stand on when feeding. It is made from a robust plastic and is easy to clean. The mealworm feeder will take its place anywhere in the garden - hanging from a branch or bird table and can even be mounted on a pole.


The central feeding tube is easy to clean and fill. To clean the feeder, lift the lid up and unscrew the metal rod that it running down the middle of the feeder (turn it anti-clockwise). When the rod is completely free of the feeder, all the bits and pieces will come apart for easy cleaning. The feeder can then be washed in warm water with a mild detergent. Please ensure the feeder is thoroughly dried before filling up with mealworms. 

- Loktop locking system
- Easy to fill and clean
- Robust
- Two feeding ports


Height 33cm, base 8.5cm

Metal and plastic