Nature's Feast 150 x 90g Fruit & Berry Energy Boost Fat Balls (No nets)

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Nature's Feast Fruit & Berry balls have been specifically developed to provide birds with an extra boost of energy.

Made from high grade suet blended with nutritious fruits, grains and seeds, Fat Balls are particularly beneficial during the colder winter months, when birds need to maintain their fat levels, as well as during the breeding season when birds are busy building nests and raising young.

High energy foods are also important during the moulting season and pre-migration.

Suitable for feeding all year round.

Composition: ground Wheat, Calcium Carbonate, Beef Tallow, Ground Mixed Seeds, Wheat Flour, Wheat, Ground Maize, Dari, Black Oats, Sunflower Seeds, Additives: Mixture of flavoring compounds (0.1%), Colourant..

Brand: Nature's Feast

Please note these fat balls do not include nets. Also it is common for up to 10% of the fat balls to be broken at the bottom of the box. This is due to the fragile nature of the product and due to transport. These are still fine to feed to your birds though! We cannot accept returns / refunds for this reason.

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Reliable Delivery

Good product, well packed and speedy delivery

A really good company.

Chubby Mealworms is a really good company to deal with. The items ordered are delivered quickly, on time and are of good quality. This is my second order and I will order again.

Gecko wont touch them

But the meal worms will!
I bought them as he wont touch live crickets and I needed to get the nutrition of the crickets into him, by gutloading the mealworms with crickets I have done just that without him even knowing


Really good service delivered when said no problem with anything ,the gentleman I spoke to on the phone was very helpful as always

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