Hatchwells Wild Bird Nesting Material

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A high-quality, natural nesting bedding for cage and aviary birds, Hatchwells Nesting Material is made with natural fibres, naturally rich in minerals and protein to promote the health and happiness of your bird. It is also an ideal additional source of nutrients when birds are mating!

Designed to encourage your bird to nest in a safe and warm spot Hatchwells Nesting Material is ideal for all cages and aviaries, particularly beneficial for mating birds, and is a lightweight natural fibre bedding great for building and lining the nest.

The nesting material would be the perfect addition to our nesting material holder.


High quality, natural fibre nesting bedding for cage and aviary birds

Beneficial and ideal for mating birds

Provides natural sources of minerals and protein, supporting your bird's health and wellbeing

Great for building and lining your nest

Provides a safe and warm nesting spot