Feathers & Beaky Chick Crumbs 4Kg

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This free-range chicken food has all the qualities to become your chicks' favourite food. Completely free from any genetically modified ingredients, this wholesome food is perfect for chicks up to 8 weeks old. You can also feed this yummy food to ducklings and other baby waterfowl. This poultry food is made of quality ingredients including wheat, soya, wheat feed, barley, full-fat soya, binder, vegetable fat, and phytase booster.

This food for hens contains limestone, dicalcium phosphate, and calcium formate, which helps promote strong bone development. A well-balanced amount of Omega 3 helps improve skin and coat condition, while added lysine and methionine help maintain strength and vitality. All these wholesome ingredients are perfectly mixed to offer a tempting texture. The inclusion of important vitamins and minerals in this food for poultry helps keep your chick's overall health maintained.

Best of all, this wholesome food is formulated with a rich scrumptious taste to give your pet a satisfying flavor. The Feathers & Beaky Chick Crumbs are available in a 4kg pack for bright, bouncy chicks. For your pet's health, you are recommended to read the product packaging and adjust the overall food intake accordingly. A little supervision is recommended when serving this yummy food to your little ones. Always ensure there is a bowl of fresh, clean water available when feeding. This chicken feed is sure to keep your pet healthy, happy, and active.

Product Benefits

  • Free from genetically modified ingredients
  • Helps maintain strength and vitality
  • Contains essential fatty acid Omega 3
  • Suitable for chicks up to 8 weeks old
  • Helps maintain strong bone development


Wheat, Soya, Wheatfeed, Barley, Full Fat Soya, Binder, Vegetable Fat, Limestone, Dicalcium Phosphate, Phytase Booster, Salt, Calcium Formate, Vitamin & Mineral Supplement, Lysine, Methionine.


Protein - 19%, Oil - 3.1%, Fibre - 3.6%, Ash - 5.2%