Chubby Premium Whole Peanuts 25Kg

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These are Chubby Premium Quality Whole Peanuts for Wild Birds. The quality of whole peanuts can generally vary a lot so we want to reassure our customers that this listing will only ever be for the highest quality nuts we can find, so you can be sure you are going to receive beautiful-looking peanuts with every order.

Whole peanuts are an essential bird food containing up to 50% oils which are needed to help wild birds maintain healthy feathers and sharp beaks.

Contain vitamin A and E, high in protein, fat, and essential fiber. They provide plenty of energy meaning are great for all-year-round feeding but essential in winter months and breeding seasons.

All of our peanuts are aflatoxin tested. Aflatoxins can be extremely harmful to birds so we take extra care to ensure that our peanuts are not only the best quality but completely safe.

Peanuts are attractive to a wide range of birds including Tits, Finches, Woodpeckers, and the Nuthatch.

Suitable to feed in a mesh feeder, especially in spring and summer as large nuts are a choking hazard to young birds. If you do want to put them out on a bird table or ground feeder, please make sure they are crushed up.


  • The highest quality peanuts.
  • Energy Dense, perfect for all-year-round feeding.
  • Aflatoxin tested to ensure complete safety for birds.
  • Guaranteed 560 calories per 100g.

Important Information

Please do NOT feed dry or roasted nuts to birds as they will contain too much salt.