Box of 30 Chubby Bird Butter - Mealworm Flavour

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Our Chubby Bird Butter is naturally high in calories and will be loved by many garden birds, when you add these to our bird-friendly butter it makes an irresistibly tasty, high-energy treat.

At Chubby we know what the birds love - mealworms! We only use the very best ingredients and the peanut we have used are aflatoxin tested and have been mixed with high-quality suet, protein-rich mealworms, and high oil content seeds.

Packed with high-calorie ingredients, it's perfect for year-round feeding but essential to feed through the colder months to give birds the extra boost they need.

Simply remove the lid and add it to one of our peanut butter feeders. These can be used around the garden or screwed to a fence or tree.


Beef Tallow, Dried Mealworms


Energy Levels: 782 kcal, 3275kj, Protein 12%, Fat 81%, Fibre 2%, Ash 1.4%