50g Of Edible Mealworm Flour For Human Consumption

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50g Of Edible Mealworm Flour

Find out why animals love mealworms so much with our Human grade grubs! We are very pleased to offer for sale our sustainably grown mealworms for human consumption after being asked about them for many years. Our edible mealworms are grown in Denmark exclusively for Chubby Mealworms.

Mealworms are high in protein, aiding muscle recovery and helping to keep your blood healthy.

Mealworm flours are a great way to enhance the nutrition of a wide variety of dishes, adding a subtle nutty flavor.

You can add it to your regular glutenous flours for extra protein and nutrition or in combination with gluten-free flours.

Give them a try and join the insect revolution!

100% Pure Mealworms. Produced in Denmark for Chubby Mealworms.

Nutritional Info Per 100g
Energy  2326kJ / 500kcal 
Fat  37.2g
of which saturates  9g
of which monounsaturated  17.3g
of which polyunsaturated  10.9g
 Carbohydrate  5.4g
 Fiber  6.5g
 Protein  45.1g
Iron 45.2mg



If you are allergic to seafood, you can be hypersensitive to insects.
Contains gluten.

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Very good mixture

Currently using up what we have. However the way the birds go for what we put out now, the mix seems very good and I have no doubt that the new mix will go down just as well.

Awesome mealworms

Great mealworms at the best prices and delivered quickly.


Excellent value for money

1Kg Dried Chubby Mealworms


Great deal, efficient service and quality product