5 Litre Dried Chubby Fish Mixes (Mealworms, Silk Worms & Calci Worms)

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5 Litre Chubby Dried Mixes

This is a compilation mix of our great Chubby treats into one TUB!
Ideal for the Fish Pond for lager fish, like koi... also we have been told a great groundbait for fishing!

A whole variety of animals love the natural goodness in all our 'Chubby' products including wild birds, reptiles, fish, hedgehogs, budgies, sugar gliders and many more. Although you can buy live mealworms & Calci worms, our dried mixes are just as good with the added benefit of easy and long lasting storage. Dried Mixes are also a lot better for anyone that is squeamish!

Why Chubby?

Here at Chubby Mealworms we work closely with our trusted suppliers to ensure that our dried mealworms are of the highest quality. As a team, our aim is to provide 100% customer satisfaction which is why we are the number one supplier of dried mealworms, shrimp, silkworm & calciworms. 


5 litre of Chubby Mixes come in a plastic tub with a resealable plastic lid making storage issues a thing of the past. The sturdy tub ensures that your Chubby Mixes will reach you in great condition and stay fresh as long as possible. There is approximately 1000g of mixed Mealworms, Silkworm and Calciworm within the 5 Litre tub. Please note that the actual weight can vary due to the moisture content of the Mixes however you always receive a volume of 5 Litre.

Remember that the bigger the pack of dried Mixes you purchase the cheaper the price per Kg becomes. 

Typical Analysis

Protein 38 to 50%, Fat 37%, Calcium 0.55%, Phosphorus 5%

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