20g Edible Buffalo Worms For Human Consumption

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20g Edible Buffalo Worms

Find out why animals love Crickets with our Human grade grubs! We are very pleased to offer for sale our sustainably grown insects for human consumption after being asked about them for many years. Our edible insects are all grown in Denmark exclusively for Chubby Mealworms.

Buffalo's (Alphitobius diaperinus) are an excellent source of high quality nutrients. These insects contain a high concentration of proteins (all 9 essential amino acids) and are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and antioxidants.

Our insects are ideal as a natural protein-rich addition in various dishes or (as protein powder) can serve as basis in food preparation. All our products are completely non-GMO and 100% sugar and lactose free. Furthermore, our buffalo's are completely free of chemicals, antibiotics and any use of hormones.

Give them a try and join the insect revolution!

100% Pure Buffaloworms. Produced in Denmark for Chubby Mealworms.

Nutritional Info Per 100g
Energy  2100kJ / 505kcal 
Fat  27.6g
of which saturates  9.4g
of which monounsaturated  9.3g
of which polyunsaturated  8.9g
 Carbohydrate  2.9g
 Fiber  3.3g
 Protein  60g
Salt 0.6mg



Could contain gluten.
If you are allergic to seafood, you can be hypersensitive to insects. 

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Reliable Delivery

Good product, well packed and speedy delivery

A really good company.

Chubby Mealworms is a really good company to deal with. The items ordered are delivered quickly, on time and are of good quality. This is my second order and I will order again.

Gecko wont touch them

But the meal worms will!
I bought them as he wont touch live crickets and I needed to get the nutrition of the crickets into him, by gutloading the mealworms with crickets I have done just that without him even knowing


Really good service delivered when said no problem with anything ,the gentleman I spoke to on the phone was very helpful as always

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