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Chubby's Wild Bird Seed - Honeyfield's Fruity Feast 25.2Kg

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Weight: 25.2 kg
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Honeyfield's Fruity Wild Bird Mix
Conservation Grade 
Please only fed outside of the breeding season.

This is the cream of the crop when it comes to bird feed!
Manufactured here in the UK, this premium high energy mix contains a high percentage of fruit that looks and smells Incredible! You'll have to stop yourself from having a nibble as this blend looks good enough to eat!!...
Those birds will never want to leave!

This blend will appeal to most species, especially the ground feeding birds such as blackbirds, robins and thrushes.
Ideal for bird tables and ground feeders.
This product should only be fed outside the breeding season

Peanuts, Raisins / Sultanas, Naked Oats, Sunflower Hearts, Flaked Maize, Papaya and Banana Chips.

Size: 25.2kg ( 2x 12.6Kg)

Conservation GradeUK