Dried Calci Worms

2Kg Chubby Dried Calci Worms

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2Kg Chubby Dried Calci Worms

Chubby Dried CalciWorms are comparable to dried mealworms but have a much higher nutritional value. They have 23 to 61 times more calcium than other commonly fed feeder insects and naturally feature a well balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio. Research has shown that natural feed with balanced Ca:P ratios increases animal health and contributes to stronger bones and shiny feathers

Calcium is especially important for laying birds such as chickens. Lack of calcium can result in poor laying, soft shells and can cause behaviour problems such as egg eating as the chicken tries to recoup the much needed calcium. Feeding the Calci worms as a treat is an excellent way to increase these vital nutrients and we can assure you, they will soon become a favourite! 

Calciworms are in fact the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens). Despite carrying a somewhat aggressive sounding name, it is harmless and cannot bite. During its larva phase, which lasts a few weeks, it feeds off various kinds of organic material, converting this to proteins. The adult fly is able to entirely live off the nutritional reserves it had built up as a larva. This is why Dried CalciWorms have such a high nutritional value. Our Dried CalciWorms are 100% natural and farmed under GMP (good manufacturing practice) conditions.

A whole variety of animals love the natural goodness in all our 'Chubby' products including wild birds, reptiles, fish, hedgehogs, budgies, sugar gliders and many more. Although you can buy live calci worms, dried calci worms are just as good with the added benefit of easy and long lasting storage. Dried Calci Worms are also a lot better for anyone that is squeamish!

Why Chubby?

Here at Chubby Mealworms we work closely with our trusted suppliers to ensure that our dried mealworms are of the highest quality. As a team, our aim is to provide 100% customer satisfaction which is why we are the number one supplier of dried mealworms, shrimp, silkworm & calciworms. If you want to learn more about where we source our mealworms read here


2Kg of Cali Worms comes packed in 2x 1Kg clear plastic polythene bags.

Remember that the bigger the pack of dried calci worms you purchase the cheaper the price per Kg becomes. 

Typical Analysis

Protein 38%, Fat 37%, Calcium 0.55%, Phosphorus 5%

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Calci worms

Delivery was very efficient. The birds & hedgehogs love them.

Great for birds and hedgehogs

Excellent product. Both hedgehogs and bird said love them

Very pleased with calci worms

Great quality calci worms. And great customer service. Will definitely be ordering more


Fatter than most mealworms and much better for developing wildlife. Hedgehogs and blackbirds do cartwheels and somersaults for these but do soak the worms in water first.


My mealworms are very popular with starlings, but not many other birds.

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Very good mixture

Currently using up what we have. However the way the birds go for what we put out now, the mix seems very good and I have no doubt that the new mix will go down just as well.

Awesome mealworms

Great mealworms at the best prices and delivered quickly.


Excellent value for money

1Kg Dried Chubby Mealworms


Great deal, efficient service and quality product