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Loktop Squirrel Proof Nut Feeder

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 Loktop Squirrel Proof Nut Feeder for Wild Birds

This Petface squirrel-proof bird feeder features the unique Loktop system to ensure the lid stays closed, keeping the food fresh and dry. It also features a strong coated metal cage with carefully spaced wire to allow only birds access to the feeder. Each feeder is constructed using quality fabrications including die cast alloy and stainless steel components and bi-mould technology.

The LokTop feeders have a unique system that locks the lid closed. This ensures that the feed stays dryer and fresher by keeping the elements out. It also deters 'unwanted visitors' from opening and stealing the feed and, should the feeder become dislodged and fall to the floor, the lid will stay closed. The LokTop system locks the lid closed when the wire hanger is rotated to the up-right position or is folded to the front of the feeder. When the hanger is folded to the back the lid can easily be pushed open for filling.

The all important aspect of feeder hygiene is taken care of with no fuss, tool free disassembly. The feeder is held together using a single stainless steel central pin. Once this is unscrewed all the main components can be separated for cleaning. Features: Heavy duty coated metal cage protects food from squirrels. Suitable for Peanuts Unique patented system that locks the lid closed. Cage is clipped to the feeder at the base. Can be hung or pole mounted. Holds: 480g Height: 30cm

  • This Petface wild bird Nut feeder is set within an outer cage
  • The super tough metal cage keeps squirrels at bay and bird feed safe
  • The carefully spaced wires only allow birds to access the feeder
  • Incorporates one of our feature packed loktop feeders
  • It can be hung or pole mounted . made from strong coated metal